UNCG Parking School

The objective of the UNCG Parking School Community Service Initiative is to provide students with the opportunity to utilize community service through Parking Operations and Campus Access Management (POCAM) as an alternative for paying one specified parking citation per academic year*. Community service hours are available in various departments on campus and through the Office of Leadership & Service-Learning.


  • ❖ Each student is limited to one (1) community service exemption per academic year (limited to Spring and Fall semesters).
  • ❖ Community service is limited to specific citations listed. Citations of an egregious nature (e.g. stolen/altered decal) including but not limited to those which qualify as Code of Student Life offenses.
  • ❖ Moving violations (UNCG and NC) issued by UNCG Police or Greensboro City Police are not eligible for this program.
  • ❖ The student is required to notify POCAM within seven (7) business days if their re-appeal is upheld of their intent to utilize the community service initiative.
  • ❖ The student is required to complete community service hours within (30) days of approval of community service agreement and within 15 days of the end of the academic semester. Documented proof of completion of hours is required from the participating organization.
  • ❖ If the student fails to complete scheduled community service hours, the citation will be reinstated for the full amount of the citation and the student loses the community service option for the semester.

Students who have gone through the appeal and re-appeal process and are interested in CSI should complete this form to be considered for eligibility in the program. Or for additional information contact POCAM at (336) 334-5681 or

Citations Eligible for Community Service Initiative

ViolationFineCommunity Service Hours
Improper Area$15.001
Overtime Parking$15.001
Parking Over Line$15.001
State Service Space$15.001
No Valid Permit$35.003
Reserved Space$35.003
Service Area$35.003
Unauthorized on UNCG Property$35.003
Unauthorized Use of Permit$35.003
Against the Flow$50.004
Double Parking$50.004
Driving Lane$50.004
No Parking Zone$50.004
Undesignated Space$50.004
Parking on Grass$50.004
Illegal HC Parking$250.0025

*(subject to certain eligibility requirements)