Exit Express

A fast and convenient way to pay for deck parking!

  1. Pull an entry ticket when entering the deck and keep it with you, being careful not to bend or lose it.
  2. When you are ready to leave campus, walk to the EXIT EXPRESS pay station.
  3. Insert your entry ticket into the machine and pay the amount due – cash only.
  4. Take your validated ticket and walk to your vehicle.
  5. Drive to Level 1 or Level 2 exit gate (depending on the deck) and insert your validated ticket into the exit gate card reader to exit. The gate will raise automatically.

McIver Deck has two pay stations, both on Level 1. One is on the south side of the deck near the C-Store. The other is on the north side of the deck near the elevator.
Oakland Deck has one pay station on Level 2 visible from the Forest Street entry/exit.
Walker Deck has one pay station on Level 3 in the elevator lobby/stairwell.