Faculty/Staff Permit Information and Options

**Please consider sustainable transportation options such as riding a bike, riding a bus, carpooling, and/or walking to campus, before requesting a parking permit.**

A valid UNCG parking permit must be properly displayed at all times when parked on University property. Parking permits are the property of UNCG Parking Operations and Campus Access Management (POCAM). Permits may not be sold, given away, transferred, or borrowed. The permit holder on record is responsible for all violations.

If you choose to purchase a parking permit, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with campus parking regulations, NC state laws for motorized vehicle operators, as well as campus safety guidelines for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists.

Employees purchasing a permit online are authorizing payment through monthly payroll deduction. If an employee wants to pay for a permit in full with check, cash or Visa/MasterCard please contact the Parking Operations for further instruction. Parking permit fees are payroll deducted one month in advance. Effective with the July 2018 employee payroll, permits that are payroll deducted are a post-tax benefit.

If you are leaving the University or canceling a parking permit, please stop by the parking office on the last day you need the permit. Payroll deduction refunds are prorated based on the date the permit is returned. Employees returning permits on or after the 25th of the month will not receive a refund for that calendar month. If you paid by cash, check, Visa, or MasterCard, refunds are processed based on a prorated fee schedule through the March 31st refund deadline.

Click through the sections below to learn about your parking options and see pricing information.

A permit is required to park on campus. Permits are valid for one year, and expire on August 1 of the specified permit year.

*(Permits purchased after August 1st are prorated daily)

Parking Permit Registration Checklist

Permit Renewal

Online permit renewal for employees begins each year in June. Payroll deduction is the only acceptable payment for online permit renewals. To pay by cash, check, MasterCard, or Visa please contact the parking office. To ensure payroll deduction continues without interruption, please submit a permit renewal request before July 12th. Requests received after July 12th may result in a double deduction for parking on August payroll.

Employee permits will be mailed to the campus address assigned by Banner HR (unless purchased in the parking office after the renewal period). Please display your permit immediately. Permits must be properly displayed at all times when vehicle is parked on campus. Please remember to add/change/delete vehicle information if your vehicle registration(s) change.