Handicap Accessibility

All state DMV issued handicap placards are honored on campus, but must be displayed with a valid UNCG permit.

Employees and students are required to register their handicap placard with the parking office and to display a valid UNCG parking permit with their handicap placard when parked on campus. With the appropriate campus parking permit and registered handicap placard, students and employees may park in the following locations:

  • Designated handicap accessible spaces
  • Metered spaces (meter payment not required if valid UNCG permit displayed)
  • Any valid A/B/C surface lot space, including “A” only lots

If unable to find a handicap accessible space, please call the parking office for assistance, (336) 334-5681.

Handicap placards are not permitted to park in spaces reserved specifically for state, departmental reserve, gold reserve, or visitor vehicles. Violators are subject to standard enforcement which may include ticketing, booting and/or towing.

Please remember, DMV handicap placards are assigned to individuals. Vehicles found displaying a handicap placard that is not registered to the vehicle operator will be subject to ticketing for Illegal Use of Handicap Placard, a $250 fine.

A temporary on-campus handicap placard, valid for up to two weeks, may be requested if needed in the Parking Operations and Campus Access Management Office.

Handicap Accessible Parking for Visitors

A valid UNCG parking permit is required along with a state DMV issued handicap placard in all surface lots on campus. Both must be properly displayed on the vehicle if parked on campus in a designated handicap space.

Daily visitor permits can be purchased for $5 per day or $35 per month. We encourage visitors to use our parking decks while on campus short-term. Most parking decks are within close proximity to academic and administrative buildings.

If you need assistance in purchasing a temporary permit or would like additional information about deck parking please call UNCG Parking Operations and Campus Access Management Office at (336) 334-5681. Someone will be able to assist you with purchasing a permit and answer any questions you may have.