Motorcycle, Moped, Scooter Parking Information

Motorcycles, mopeds, and other motorized two- and three-wheeled scooters are considered alternative vehicles which must be registered for use on campus and parked in surface parking lot spaces designated specifically for mopeds, motorcycles, and scooters. These alternative vehicles are not permitted in parking decks or at bike racks.

If a moped, motorcycle, or scooter is your only mode of motorized transportation, you can view permit pricing here. Permit pricing is the same for students, faculty, and staff.

If a moped, motorcycle, or scooter is your secondary mode of transportation, register your primary mode of transportation online, then add your alternative vehicle to your parking permit at no additional charge.


To complete the form you will need your license plate and insurance information. Permits must be renewed annually. Go to to register.

Moped owners will not have to stick anything onto their mopeds. Permit registration will be verified via your license plate. Permits must be renewed annually.

Parking Tips

  • ❖ Park only in designated surface lot spaces.
  • ❖ Do not park in decks or at bike racks.
  • ❖ Never leave accessories or loose items on your vehicle.
  • ❖ Vehicle covers are permitted only if DMV tag or UNCG registration sticker remains clearly visible outside the covered area.


If you have any questions, please call (336) 334-5681 or email for assistance.