Student Permit Information and Options

A valid UNCG parking permit must be properly displayed on all student vehicles at all times when parked on University property. UNCG students (including freshmen) are eligible to purchase a UNCG parking permit based on their residency classification (commuter vs. resident).

Please Note
Some permit types are limited in quantity and are sold on a first come first serve basis or by wait list. Prices for permits vary by type. Student permits are charged to student accounts for payment. Permits purchased after August 1 are prorated daily.

Parking permits are the property of UNCG Parking Operations and Campus Access Management (POCAM). Permits may not be sold, given away, transferred, or borrowed. The permit holder on record is responsible for all violations. If you choose to purchase a parking permit, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with campus parking regulations, NC state laws for motorized vehicle operators, as well as campus safety guidelines for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists.

A permit is required to park on campus. Permits are valid for one year, and expire on August 1 of the specified permit year. Waiting lists are maintained and students are notified by email as additional permits become available. To see the most up to date information on which permit types are currently wait listed, please go to and look under permit types.

Residential Permit Options for Students Living on Campus

Commuter Permit Options for Students Living Off Campus

Additional Information


Parking permits are optional for students, therefore are separate from the class registration and cancellation process. If you withdraw from the University or decide not to attend, it is your responsibility to return your parking permit to the parking office immediately. Refunds are processed based on a prorated fee schedule. No refunds after March 31st. All credits are applied to the student account.

Permit Distribution

  • ❖ Permits requested before August 1st will be mailed to chosen address.
  • ❖ Permits requested after August 1st must be picked up (with presentation of a photo id) at the Parking Operations office.

Parking Permit Registration Checklist

  • ❖ Do you know your iSPARTAN username and password? If not, visit the Computer Account Activation Form.
  • ❖ Are you registered for classes at UNCG?
  • ❖ Do you know your vehicle make, model, and type?
  • ❖ Do you know your license plate number?
  • ❖ Do you know your vehicle insurance provider?
  • ❖ Do you know your insurance policy number?