UNCG Carpool Club

Concerned about gas prices? Interested in saving money on your daily commute?

Share your ride with at least one other person and join the UNCG Carpool Club by purchasing a “Rideshare” permit to enjoy these benefits:

  • Save money on gas by splitting the cost of fuel with riders.

  • Minimize wear and tear on your vehicle by ride-sharing with other drivers.

  • Share the cost of a parking rideshare permit between eligible carpool members (minimum two).

  • Win prizes through the Zimride commute calendar

  • Request one free daily permit per eligible carpool member per month for days when a member of the carpool may need to drive separately.

  • Purchase up to four additional daily permits per eligible carpool member per month.

  • Discounted Car Share membership.

  • Free guaranteed emergency ride home.

  • Premium reserved carpool parking spaces (reserved until 10am Monday-Friday), located in Lots 1, 5, 7, 8N, 13, 25A, and 51.

  • Complimentary reserved vanpool parking for PART vanpool groups.

Eight Parking Permits are Eligible for Carpool Club MembershipEight Parking Permits are Eligible for Carpool Club Membership
Afor faculty/staff; valid in A lots
Bfor residential students; valid in B lots
Cfor commuter students; valid in C lots
Efor use at Park & Ride
Kfor use in Oakland Deck
Mfor use in McIver Deck
VBfor residential students of Spartan Village and Lofts on Lee; valid in VB lots 1, 1A and 1C
Wfor use in Walker Deck

To Qualify for a Carpool Club Membership

  • Must be an employee or currently enrolled student to participate.

  • Carpool membership application must be signed by all members.

  • All members of a carpool must register with UNCG Zimride and use the Zimride commute calendar to log carpool activity.

  • All members of a carpool share a single carpool permit and the permit must be displayed at all times when a carpool vehicle is parked on University property.

  • No member of a carpool may purchase or use another parking permit, except daily scratch-off permits issued to specific carpool members for use during days when a member of the carpool may need to drive separately.

  • Anyone found in violation of parking regulations is subject to standard enforcement including revocation of parking privileges.

Please email carpool@uncg.edu for more information.