Lime – Bike and Scooter Share

UNCG and the City of Greensboro are proud to be the home of the first LimeBike free-flow dockless public bike share in North America. LimeBike technology is integrated into smart bikes and a smart phone app. There’s no kiosk docking station so bikes can be ridden anywhere and parked at any bike rack or designated bike parking area throughout campus and City of Greensboro!

Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of existing bike sharing networks have fixed docking stations. These tend to cost a city millions of dollars to operate. The result is a limited number of stations which result in a limited number for riders and higher prices to users in order to pay for the system. We think there is a new way. LimeBike eliminates docking stations, makes more bikes available, and educates users to park bikes in designated parking spots that we identify and mark in collaboration with the city. By eliminating stations, we create a broadly distributed system, with bikes that are more accessible and affordable.

Short answer: Zero. If a city wants to invest in mobility improving signage to adequately mark bike parking zones or create more bike lanes for riders, we welcome those public improvements.

Simply download the LimeBike app on your smart phone, view bikes on the map, walk to the nearest bike, then use the app to unlock the bike to ride. LimeBike is designed with the rider’s safety as a top priority. Each bike is equipped with anti-theft lock and alarm, double kickstand for parking stability, and front light.

Your first ride is free! After that, you will be asked to add a credit card to your account so you can deposit credits to your LimeBike wallet for future rides. You can deposit as little as $5 to get started, or more to earn free rides. Deposits are refundable if you decide not to ride.

First please make sure you are at a proper bike parking location. Free-floating bike systems work well when we all take responsibility to park bikes in places that do not block traffic, impede pedestrian access, or use private property. Please park only at bike racks and areas designated specifically for bike parking. Then simply push down the lever on the rear wheel to lock the bike. As soon as you lock the bike, the app will end the ride and provide you with a trip summary.

LimeBike hires, trains and deploys an operations team to manage the bikes. For more information about LimeBike, please visit For questions about cycling at UNCG, please email

If/when riders have concerns, please refer to LimeBike customer support,, 1-888-LIME-345, or 1-888-546-3345. Issues also may be reported through the LimeBike smart phone app.

A 30 minute ride is 50 cents for UNCG students and employees!

Standard rate is $1 for everyone else – open to the general public.