A boot is an immobilization device placed on the wheel of a vehicle, making it one of the strongest educational enforcement tools used by Parking Operations. Vehicle(s) with any combination of three (3) or more paid or unpaid citations* (warnings and/or tickets) may be booted. Three (3) or more boots will result in an automatic tow upon the next violation.

When a vehicle is booted, the driver must come to the parking office located adjacent to the Walker Avenue Parking Deck and meet with a parking representative to discuss strategies for avoiding additional tickets, boots, and tows. The $40 boot removal fee plus any outstanding citations must be paid before the vehicle will be released. This fee may NOT be appealed. Fees may be paid by cash, MasterCard, or Visa. Students and employees also have the option of paying by check. If the parking office is not contacted within two (2) hours, the vehicle will be towed.

If your vehicle is booted, please do not try to remove or disengage the boot. The penalty for unauthorized removal of a boot will be equal to cost of repair or replacement of the device, approximately $300.


Towing is a penalty for repeat offenders and for vehicles parked in reserved spaces, fire lanes, driving lanes, and other undesignated areas.

When a vehicle is towed, the driver must bring photo identification (driver’s license or student id card) to the parking office located adjacent to the Walker Avenue Parking Deck to collect the tow stub. All outstanding citations must be paid before the tow claim stub is released.

Parking operations contracts with an outside towing agency to have vehicles removed from campus. Towing and vehicle storage fees must be paid directly to:

Bobby’s Friendly Towing and Recovery

136 Montlieu Avenue

Greensboro, NC 27409

(336) 854-1410

NOTE: Citation history cycles are recorded August 1 to August 1 each year. Students and employees begin each academic year with a clean parking record.