Violations & Fines

Violations and fines are established by the UNCG Board of Trustees. Parking citations may be appealed within seven (7) days of date issued.

$15 Fines

  • Meter expired
  • Excessive time in metered space
  • Failure to display permit
  • Improper display of handicap tag
  • Improper display of parking permit
  • Parking in an improper area for permit
  • Occupying more than one space
  • Illegally parked in State Vehicle space
  • Over time in a loading zone
  • Permit/vehicle not registered

$35 Fines

  • Unauthorized parking on UNCG property
  • Unauthorized parking in a reserved space
  • Unauthorized parking in a service area
  • No valid UNCG permit
  • Unauthorized use of permit

$50 Fines

  • Blocking an entrance
  • Parking in a driving lane
  • Space not designated for parking
  • Parking against the flow of traffic
  • Parking on the grass
  • Parked in “No Parking/Tow Away Zone”
  • Double parked
  • Other (i.e., Tailgating to avoid payment of deck fees)
  • Parked in a Fire Lane

$250 Fine

  • Illegally parked in Handicapped Space

Up to $724 Fine

  • Illegal possession of permit (lost, stolen, or altered)

Repeat offenders may be booted and/or towed. A boot removal fee of $40 will be charged for removal of a boot from immobilized vehicles. The penalty for unauthorized removal of a boot will be equal to cost of repair or replacement of the device, approximately $300. Any moving violation shall be a misdemeanor punishable by a fine, court costs, and/or imprisonment at the discretion of the court.

In addition to these civil penalties, the Chancellor shall have the authority to provide for appropriate administrative sanctions including, but not limited to, revocation of parking permits, withholding grades and/or transcripts, termination of vehicle registration, and termination or suspension of enrollment or employment.