The University recognizes that departments occasionally require the use of motor vehicles. To meet this need, UNCG Motor Pool provides employees and campus organizations with reliable transportation for travel to carry out University responsibilities.

Please plan ahead and submit reservation requests at least 3-4 business days in advance. 12-15 Passenger and Cargo Van requests should be submitted ASAP as there is a shortage of vans and no guarantee for availability. Expect to receive a response via email within 72 hours. The email response will include billing/payment information as well as pick-up and drop-off instructions. All van rentals must be picked up at the branch. The link to request a motor pool vehicle is below.

Drivers are required to have a valid driver’s license, be 21 years of age (25 years of age for 15-passenger vans), and meet the following employment criteria:

  • University motor pool vehicles shall be driven only by University employees and used for official state and University business only. University employees are defined as individuals working for the University for wages and salary. Employees must receive a University payroll check.
  • Students who are employed by the University and receive a salary or a payroll check may drive vehicles while performing duties within the scope of the job for which they are being paid. Students, such as those on scholarship or fellowship, who are not employed by the University, are not allowed to drive state vehicles.
  • Visiting lecturers, scholars, scientists, and professors with or without appointments, as well as adjunct and emeritus professors may drive state vehicles only if they are currently employed by the University and receive a University payroll check.
  • Volunteers, persons working for the University, but not receiving a payroll check, may not drive state vehicles according to the state rules and guidelines.

Drivers are responsible for refueling vehicles prior to return. A surcharge will be assessed for vehicles returned with less fuel than when vehicle was picked up. If you have an urgent need for expedited service, please call 336.334.5681 or 336.334.5912.

Please Note

Parking citations are the responsibility of the assigned driver or the driver’s agency at the time of issue. It is the responsibility of the individual driver to observe all state motor vehicle laws and ordinances. All violations and fines shall be the responsibility of the driver or agency.

An assortment of vehicles parked.

Vehicle Choices

The University offers a variety of vehicles for rental at reasonable rates, from economy and compact vehicles to SUVs, trucks, and even minivans. Please use the button below to view the current rental rates.

Please Note
Rental fees do not include standard charges and taxes applicable to rental vehicles. Mileage is included; unlimited daily/weekly with a cap of 3,000 miles per month. Cargo van mileage is limited to 100 miles per 24 hour period. Excess mileage over 100 will be billed at the rate of $0.25/mile.

Passanger vans parked.

Information About
15-Passanger Vans

A minimum of 72 hours advance notice is required to reserve a 15-passenger van. University policy requires 15-passenger van drivers complete a Coaching the Van Driver Training Course facilitated by the UNCG Office of Safety. 2 or 15 passenger van NOT for transport of children in the 12th grade or younger.

Cancellation Notice
Cancellation must be made at least 48 hours in advance. If cancellation is made within 48 hours of the rental begin time, then there will be a 1 day charge.

A Parking Operations employee works in the Walker Parking Deck.

Need Help?

UNCG Motor Pool operates within UNCG Parking Operations and Campus Access Management (POCAM). Our office is adjacent to the Walker Avenue Parking Deck, 506 Stirling Street. For assistance, please call 336.334.5681 or email udrive@uncg.edu.

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